How to use the Amazon Return Center?

The official is providing an exclusive online service to all their customers who wish to return any purchased products from Amazon store. The company has an efficient Amazon Return Center online which can be accessed on their official website and where you can easily return or exchange the p-products that you are not satisfied with and also view the details on your recent returns. Even if you are unable to return any item you can easily sale it out on

At the Amazon Return Center you will be able to return all the brand new products that are unopened within a month of receiving from if you are looking for a complete refund which you will be given after 2 to 3 weeks of processing your return query. In order to get any item replaced or exchange you must ensure that you are replacing an item of the same version and not a different one however for a different item you must first return the initial one and then give afresh order.

Requirements to use the Amazon Return Center

  1. To be able to use the services of Amazon Return Center you must first get your device such as your computer enabled with an internet connection.
  2. Your product must pass the eligibility criteria to be exchanged.

Step By Step Guide to use the Amazon Return Center

  1. Open the official website of Amazon Return Center at this link
  2. Tap on “Return items”.
  3. The page that opens up next, give your email ID and your registered password, and then tap on “Sign in using our secure server”.
  4. Locate the order that has the product which you wish to return.
  5. Then complete the downloading and printing of the label and give the authorization, enter this return authorization inside the package, tape the return label on the top of the package.
  6. Send this back to, and wait for the company to process it
  7. You can seek further assistance at this link


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