How to make and manage your Apple ID?

If you make an Apple ID you will be able to reap off the benefits of all the amazing services that Apple has to offer such as storing your contacts, managing all emails, your notes saved over the iCloud, multiple apps that you wish to download from the Apple App Store. Furthermore you can buy music, TV shows, films exclusively from the iTunes Store, and you can use this Apple ID to locate your iPad, iPhone, Mac in case they get misplaced or stolen.

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Step by Step Guide to Make and Manage Your Apple ID

It is sometimes important to modify your Apple ID and its password or change your username, registered email address, preferences or in general the contact details to keep your account up to date. If you wish to make any changes on your Apple ID here is how you can do it:

1.       Open this web address from any device you have

2.       Tap on the button for ‘Manage your Apple ID’

3.       Then state your Apple ID and password in the designated places to log in to your account

4.       Now the page that opens, you will see your name, email ID, password, security, contact number, language and other preferences for the contact towards the left panel. All you need to do is tap on what you wish to change and then type in all the latest credentials and tap on ‘Save Changes’ link.

If you do not own an Apple ID here is how you can create one:

1.       Open up this link from your device

2.       Press the button for ‘Create an Apple ID’

3.       Give your first name, last name, your primary email address which will become your Apple ID and other asked credentials

4.       Place the tick mark in the box beside Apple Terms of Service and Apple Customer Privacy Policy

5.       Finally click on the button ‘Create Apple ID’

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