Enter AT&T Reward Center To Claim Reward Card and Cash Back

AT&T Reward Center at att.com/rewardcenter is an online reward claim service provided by the American telecommunication organization. In the beginning, they used to provide; voice, video, data and internet to the production companies, end-users, and government organizations. But their main aim was and is, to mobilize the world and cover long distances. Now they are the world’s largest telecom company. They smoothen the transitioning and progressing of the services; from the telephone to the mobile, and from broadband internet to satellite television. To give universal services, as a package integrated with multimedia services.

AT&T RewardCenter

AT&T.com reward program is a service executed by the AT&T reward center to reward and propose cash back to its clients, who have recently by AT&T products and services. Consumers just need to go to reward and refund center, i.e. rewardcenter.att.com/myattrewardcard to put forward their claim to receive a reward card or cash back. By visiting the customer center, you can get big deals with reward card or cash back on the basis of purchases you have made. The submission process does not take a long time to subscribe. However, it can be done conveniently at home over the internet.

AT&T Reward Center – Criteria

Interested consumers will need to arrange a computer system, having an internet access. A client has to purchase any AT&T service, either for the smartphone, wireless device, cell phone or have had AT&T U-Verse, AT&T DIRECTIVE or home phone service installed.

Visit: www.att.com/rewardsandrebates select the reward label and look which type of AT&T service you want to purchase and then clicking on the corresponding link. Click on the service you have installed and then click on the GO button. Enter your account number and press ‘GO’ and in this way, your reward claims submission process will get completed.


If you have recently bought any AT&T product[s] or have opened up an account or services and subscription then you should look into whether you are eligible or not eligible to receive some kind of reward, discount, or cash back. As the American telecom company is offering free stuff, it’s convenient to take part in this program, just visit the AT&T Reward Center and get started. Hurry up! Just avail this offer.

5 thoughts on “Enter AT&T Reward Center To Claim Reward Card and Cash Back

  1. I was supposed to receive a $300 gift card from you for coming back to direct tv normally $200 but because of other problems I was told I would get $300. I believe i did all the paperwork but did not receive anything

  2. Trying to claim the 400 dollar reward claim Visa card for switching to direct tv. I have tried several times and can not get through to claim card.

  3. I wasn’t offered this reward at all and for me being a valued customer it’s not fair for me to spend this kind of money for service and not get rewarded correctly

  4. Throughout the long conversation I was told I was going to get a $200 Visa gift card & later he (Alan) said I’d get an add’l $300 for a total of $500 for returning to Direct TV. When I called about it a couple of weeks later she said “Oh no, we can’t stack Visa cards.” I told her what I was told & she said they have $100, $200, $300 Visa reward cards & could only give me one for $100. NOT what I was promised!! I apparently was lied to, so why would I want to do business with you. The old saying, “If it sounds to good to be true…” Not a good way to start a business relationship.

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