More or less than one million websites are affected by the recent fraudulent software malicious web attacks and have compromised their website addresses. This is actually the part of a sales operation of fraudulent software, reports claimed.

This fraudulent software sales operations actually injected codes on websites in such a way that resulted in compromising their web addresses today. This was done by gaining access somehow to the databases of the servers which were providing Internet access or power to these websites.

The first evidence of this fraudulent software malicious web attack was found by Websense at the start of this week and this security firm has named this attack as “LizaMoon”. This name was given because of the name of the first Website from where the evidence was collected by this Internet security firm.

A warning is actually shown to the users of the Website that apparently come from “Windows Stability Center” and urged users to click on this warning as it claimed to install a security product issued or released by Microsoft Corp.

This security warning actually claims that there is something wrong with the users’ computers and, therefore, they must act now to fix this problem with their systems.

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