The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefits   

Without a doubt the state of Michigan is going through an unemployment crisis because if you look back in 20012 the unemployment rate was around 7% while just in 8 years this has doubled to a rate of 14.9% in 2010 and continues to rise further ahead which is indeed becoming a matter of concern for the state authorities. Now of course the unemployed individuals want to know their Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefits and the updates on the extension which this article will discuss ahead.

Michigan Unemployment Insurance

Latest Michigan Unemployment Extension Update

The Michigan State Unemployment Insurance Agency announced an update to the insurance extension back in the year 2010 and the main concept behind it was that the Congress considered this extension after the federal extensions had expired.

The new Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefits extension included everything:

  • The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Tiers 1 to 4,
  • The Extended Benefit Program (EB)
  • The Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) including the $25 every week as an extra.

However before this decision was finalized regarding the Tier 5 there were no extended weeks or any fresh extensions which were being discussed. You can access and save the entire document of these Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefits extensions using this link in case you wish to get any further details

How to Apply for an Unemployment Extension in Michigan?

If you wish to receive any kind of assistance with the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefit then you will have to claim for these benefits or access any already present claim again. To file a fresh claim you can visit this link While if you wish to check for the extensions in Michigan then you need to use the phone or report online on MARVIN.

For the phone claim this is number that you can dial followed by pressing the option “3” 1-866-500-1117 while you also must remember that the call support will be present on the weekdays from between 8 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. Eastern time. The Insurance Agency of the Michigan Unemployment department has also give a new line that would give details on what would happen and what to do once the extension comes up.

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