How to get the Moneytree Payday Loans?

Moneytree payday loans offer along with other financial services such as title loans, business loans, check cashing, Western Union, money orders and bill pay. It has locations in California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. Payday loans are offered in all these states except Colorado. You can get a payday loan by applying directly at your local Moneytree location or online.

Here is how you can get it

Applying at a Local Branch for money tree payday loans

Apply for your moneytree payday loan directly at your local Moneytree branch. Use the Moneytree branch locator to find your local branch. Fill out the short application in person or print the application from home and bring the completed application into the branch. The application asks for information like your name and address, Social Security number, birth date, employer information or source of income, and your checking account information.

Applying Online

California customers, Idaho customers, Nevada customers and Washington customers can apply using Moneytree’s online application 24 hours a day. Complete the three steps, which include providing personal information such as your Social Security and driver’s license numbers, entering information about your employer or the source of income you will use to repay the loan, and providing your checking account details. Next, agree to the terms and conditions to submit the application.

A decision is given within 60 seconds of submitting your online application. If you have trouble applying online, contact Moneytree customer service at 877-613-6669. During the online application process you will create your online account with username and password.

Qualifying without a Checking Account

The people who are living in Idaho, Nevada and Washington can apply for a payday loan without having a checking account. This requires applying directly at a Moneytree branch and cannot be done online.

Moneytree will verify your identity, Social Security number, source(s) of income, address and phone number. Nevada residents must submit written verification of income by either faxing a pay stub or other verification to 877-557-0337 or scanning and emailing it to You can also bring proof of income to any Moneytree branch.

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