What is Amazon Seller Central?

There are many unused item which everyone wants to sell out. One of the best solutions is Amazon Seller Central. With this website, you can sell your stuffs in more than 20 categories to billions of customers with no extra charges.

Amazon Seller Central Guide

First register t your Amazon account to set up your Amazon seller central.

Before selling your stuffs at Amazon, completely fill in information including your selling plan, charge method, seller information and identity verification. You need to get your personal and credit card details ready in advance.

Once Amazon seller account is opened, you can start your selling now your things.

Log in to your seller account and hit the button marked “Add a Product” in the drop-down menu of the “Inventory” column.

Enter the name, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN of your stuff and click “Search” to see all the product details and start to sell it.

Clicking on the “See all product details” link, you can view all types of the same products as yours on sale, old and new.

When anyone places an order, Amazon will notify you for shipping and customers’ payments. If you have any questions, just view the FAQ for help online at sellercentral.amazon.com.

Now you have successfully put a product on Amazon for sale and the full picture of it can be seen in your account. It is worth to mention that a green circle with the check mark in at the “Low Price” column of your item on sale means that your item sells at the lowest price among all the sellers. Meanwhile, you can manage your products and edit all the details afterwards in your account.

About Amazon Seller Central

Amazon is a global leading electronic commerce corporation in the United States. Started as a bookstore in 1994, it now sells books, magazines, electronics, computers, apparel and more. Additionally, Amazon also produces its own brand products like Kindle Fire.

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