What happened on November 19, 2015, at Google? There was an update, but Google would not formalize anything. Is this algorithmic update Phantom 3?

Many of us have noticed big changes in the search results (natural) on 19 November 2015. For me, this was good news since traffic increased at several of my sites.

One of my sites had suffered the wrath of Phantom 2, an update related to the quality of the Google algorithm,which occurred on May 2, 2015.

Following an extensive audit, I applied significant changes on my websites. They not only concerned the classics (technical analysis, content optimization and backlinks), but also an element that is most important in the algorithm of Google: the satisfaction of the users who come from Google.

Looking back, I finally realize that beneficial effects began to appear from mid-November. Moreover, the continuous improvement of Google SEO traffic seems to confirm the explanations about Google Panda (that the deployment of Panda takes months).

On 11.19.2015, I noticed a sharp increase in traffic and even helped find better traffic. Now my team members [Hamza, Ahmad, Arooba, Usman Khalid, and me ‘Sheikh Usman’] were smiling again!

By studying the graphics published in this article, I saw others were in the same boat as me (Phantom 3 ranking and traffic boost):

Phantom 2 down and with Phantom 3 rise

Searchmetrics confirms that there was a major update at Google, which also caused the falls:

searchmetrics - SEO Visibility

I do not see how Searchmetrics estimated that this update has anything to do with the recent publication of the last Google search quality results guidelines.

And what about you, what did you notice on your sites? We discuss this update of 19/11 in the comments section below.

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