Terms of Service

  1. Terms

Every time you would select to visit the website of TheFileBucket.com via your web browser you will be held tied by the Terms of Use designed by TheFileBucket.com and also in addition with other laws and regulations that suit under the conditions. With the binding to these Terms of Use each user automatically takes responsibility for conducting acts according to the legal Terms of Use that may be applicable in the events that you visit TheFileBucket.com. In case you have any restrictions complying to the terms of use and rules of TheFileBucket.com, your access to the website of TheFileBucket.com will be restricted or prohibited. Every image, material published and links present on TheFileBucket.com are under the protection of copyright laws.

  1. License of Use

Each visitor of the website will only be given permission once to download any of the material or images that are posted on TheFileBucket.com. However, each user must commit to the responsibility for making use of the downloaded material or pictures only for personal reasons and not for any business or commercial intentions. However, each visitor should also make note that all these terms are in no way an entitlement but rather a license under which terms you are not permitted to do the following:

  • Plagiarize or change any of the content/material on TheFileBucket.com
  • Make use of the published materials in terms of business or for commercial intents
  • Delete or hide any trademark signs, logos posted on the website
  • Transfer the entitlement of the content to any other additional party or view in a mirror setting any of the content on additional servers.
  1. Limitations

TheFileBucket.com and all of its third party websites under any events will not be held responsible for any kind of changes or distortion to the posted content. This category includes factual details, distortion to earned profits or any other kind of destruction or any kind of limitations to make use of the content of TheFileBucket.com even if the team of TheFileBucket.com has been told in writing or in verbal form.

  1. Links

TheFileBucket.com don’t give any kind of guarantees or promises to a 100% accuracy on any of the published materials on the third party websites nor can be held responsible for any of the errors in the content of the third party websites. TheFileBucket.com also doesn’t make claims of taking any kind of endorsements from any of the parties known as third party and if any user chooses to make use of the content it will be on their own risk.

  1. Modifications to Site Terms of Use

TheFileBucket.com can and will make alterations to any of the terms of use at any point in time without giving a notice beforehand to any of its visitors. It should be noted that when you choose to visit the TheFileBucket.com website you are instantly binding and agreeing to all terms of use.