The Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification 

If you wish to qualify for the Alabama unemployment claim every week then you should have secured the insured earnings in two quarters during your set base period to become eligible for the Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification. All you have to do is go on the official website and complete the downloading for the document of Alabama unemployment benefit rights and responsibilities in order to access complete details on it.

Alabama UnemploymenThe Alabama Unemployment Benefits lie in the range of around $45.00 minimum to $255.00 maximum each week which will be calculated according to your earned wages during the base period. One day after you have filed your Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification, a document or an application form will be sent to you via mail which will state that your earnings during the base period by the employer and the total amount per week in terms of benefits that you will get. Once you have filed for your Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification for the benefits then you must report any of the wages that you are earning or for any work that you have done during your claimed week.

File your Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification

There are essentially two procedures for filing your Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification claim; you can submit this claim either online or you can place a call on the weekly certification number but you must obey all the instructions regardless of the procedure that you opt for.

If you have completed all the steps and there are not any problems that need to be catered to then you can file your claim for your weekly payment at times there might be delays however under normal conditions usually before 5:00 pm the payment is transferred right on the next business or working day the moment you have filed for your Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification. However if you see that your payment is delayed for way too long then you must get in touch with the inquiry center.

You should know that you can wait 48 hours for your processing of the payment because it takes time to handle the account or the Debit Card details however for any added claims that were filed previously the payments will be cleared using the AL Vantage Debit Card unless another deposit option was selected.

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