The famous online encyclopaedia named Wikipedia has turned fifteen today, with it turning into one of the most usedand valuable knowledge domains on the entire planet.It also aspires to reach a billion users in a single calendar month by the year of 2016.

Wikipedia is at present being read by four hundred million individuals within each month. These readers are getting seventeen million different articles,in two hundred and seventy different languages, on everything from the letter A to the Z.

The founding father of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, recalled on his brainchild’s tenth birthday how it’s quite tough for him to grasp that it has actually been fifteen years from the time that he edited his very first creation on Wikipedia, and how he still cannot forget that very first day.

As per what he told the media on the tenth birthday of his creation,Wikipedia has changed the way we see information nowadays.The first time he started off with Wikipedia was the time he clicked on the ‘Edit’ button and typed the words that are quite common amongstprogrammers – ‘hello world’. According to him, this very word was the start of Wikipedia as we know it, as well as all the things that we have encountered on it from that time onwards. He is thankful to every single person who helped him in making Wikipedia a huge success and a worldwide phenomenon, along with those contributors whose contributions have made Wikipedia a monumental database of knowledge.

In this regard, he also thanked the readers of Wikipedia are using the information as well as sharing it with others through this knowledge base.

The very first articles on Wikipedia included the ‘Astronomer’ and ‘Sweden’.

May you live a long, full life; happy 15th birthday to you online encyclopedia website Wikipedia.

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