The Wisconsin Unemployment Web Portal!     

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development oversees the problems of unemployment in Wisconsin and if you are someone who wishes to get benefits extension then you need to visit this web address to get further details on your benefits extension.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation 

Now when it comes to the Wisconsin Unemployment Web Portal then this is the place where all the details related to the benefits extensions will be updated including the rate of unemployment in Wisconsin. The place also has guidelines on filing for the claims every week in Wisconsin, the contact related details and the location for the Wisconsin Workforce Department.

Wisconsin Unemployment Instructions
The recent five or so years the rate of unemployment in Wisconsin has fluctuated with the passing time. The best case scenario was observed in February 2008 when the rate of employment was only 4.3% and after that it has consistently remained at a high level.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation FAQ

  1. What individuals are eligible to the unemployment benefits in Wisconsin?

In order to qualify for these benefits you should have filed the unemployment claim in May, 2006, you should have had the base wages time span during the base period which must be equivalent to 40 times of your normal rate of benefits, you should have run out of your past benefits or that your benefits time period should have finished and you must not be eligible for unemployment benefits in any other state of United States, you must be ready to work and should be applying for jobs actively.

      2. How one can file the claim for the Unemployment Benefits?

If you are filing the claims on a weekly basis to get your unemployment benefits in Wisconsin then you can continue on filing these weekly claims given that you are still jobless or working on less number of hours. You will be sent an email regarding your eligibility criteria for any added benefits. If you however haven’t been filing these claims every week and are still out of a job or working on less hours then you should fill in an application for the added benefits over phone or email.

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