What are your Texa Benefits?

It is very easy to keep track of and use the benefits which is provided by Texa Benefits and can use in different locations. You can carry the card with you and it has own cover and same design just like your driver’s license or a credit card. It has a lot benefits and you can apply for includes SNAP food benefits, health care benefits, cash help for families, Medicare savings programs and long-term care.

You’re Texa Benefits Guide

You can apply for benefits with simple steps:

  • Click on the “Apply for benefits” box.
  • Need to make a account.
  • Fill out all the information.
  • Send the form to us by clicking a button at the end of the form.
  • You can view your case with the following steps:
  • Click on the “View my case” box.
  • Set up an account or log into the account you created.

About Texa Benefits

The Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card is your Medicaid ID card. Texas Benefits Medical Card shows your name, your Medical ID, Issuer ID, Medical plan as well as Dental plan. HHSC is changing the Medicaid ID card. In July, people with Texas Medicaid coverage will get a new plastic card — the Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card — which will take the place of the paper Medicaid ID (Form 3087) mailed to Medicaid members each month. Take it with you whenever you go to the doctor, dentist, or drug store. Protect it the way you would your driver’s license or credit card. If you lost your card or it got damaged, you can order a new one by calling 1-855-827-3748. That’s a toll-free call.

Texas benefits include: Medicaid, SNAP food benefits, TANF cash help, and nursing home care and other services for people who are elderly or have disabilities. The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is the agency that oversees these benefit programs and YourTexasBenefits.com.

Apply for your new Texas Benefits Medicaid card at www.yourtexasbenefits.com.

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