How to do Android Files Transfer?

We have always heard that Mac and Android are incompatible but it is actually not. With the free Android Files Transfer, you can view, transfer, add, copy or delete files between your Android device and Mac easily and quickly no matter they are texts, pictures, music or videos. All the services are just in one application, so here are the steps:

Share Files between Android Device and Mac with Android Files Transfer Guide

With the help of Android Files Transfer, it possible to easily and quickly view and transfer files between your Android device and Mac. Furthermore, you can add folders, copy or delete files and more in either direction. No matter the files are texts, pictures, music or even videos, you can make it without any effort. Hence, take a few minutes to download the app and start your transfer.

Enter and click the button marked “Download” to get started.

Upon completion of downloading, double-click the app to install it and then unzip it.

Plug in your phone and the Android Transfer App will automatically launch.

Now, you can manage the files in your Mac on your Android device and vice versa.

If you would like to add new folder, click the corresponding icon in the top right corner of the Android File Transfer window.

Your Mac must run Mac OS X 10.5 or later and android device Android 3.0 or later. And, the transferred file size is limited within 4GB. If you have any questions and problems, just visit the Help Center at Reference Link 2 below to seek answers and solutions. Lastly, if you are interested, enter to have a try. If you would like to experience wireless files transfer between your Android device and Mac, just click here.

About Android Files Transfer

Android Files Transfer is a files transfer. It helps users share files such as texts, pictures, music, videos and more between Android devices and Macs.

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