How to Access CenturyLink Account?

If you are a regular telephone user, you may feel your phone bills are more in numbers or you are overcharged. With the help if CenturyLink account, manage your calls with ease by viewing the bills, payments, orders and more. Besides, you can access the paperless bills and get protection for your telephone services from Local Line Protection.

CenturyLink Account Guide

If you are a member of CenturyLink, you can find various exclusive benefits and services. You are able to see your bills, payments, orders, repairs as well as call detail records, manage your call detail, edit your recurring credit card payment information and update your billing address, authorized users, account name and account password. Besides, you can make payments and access options to receive your bills. For details, click here. The Local Line Protection prevents your local telephone services from being moved to another company when you don’t know or consent. Hence, get started to enjoy the member-only offers with signing up or logging in.

Enter, login with your user name and password and then click the button “Login” to log in to your account and avail all the services. If you are new user, press “Enroll now” to register.

Put your phone number and account number to the CenturyLink bill and press “GO” to proceed.

Follow the rules and procedure to complete the registration.

If you forget your username and password, you can retrieve them with your email address and user ID respectively. If you have any questions or problems during the process, just contact the customer service rep online by providing the zip code at

CenturyLink Account

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States and is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. It provides data, voice and managed services in local, national and select international markets through its high-quality advanced fiber optic network and multiple data centers for businesses and consumers.

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