Do you have a credit card that no longer gives you benefits? Do you feel bad when others freely use their credit cards while shopping but you can’t, as yours is blemished? If this is the case with you, do not worry as Merrick Bank is here for your help. The bank has come up with such services that let you re-use your old and worn out card. Not only this, but along with that, the bank provides you with a lot of other facilities as well. Half of your mess gets cleaned up, as soon as you get an official email from the company that asks you to give your application for the visa card. You will get your hands on the classic credit card if you fill the application form and send it back to However, for that, you need to ensure that you pay your bills at the right time. If you do this, your application will get approved in the smallest period of time and you won’t have to wait long for that.

Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Visa Credit Card – What will help you the most?

Your payments that you make at the right time, will help you get your required visa card soonest possible. One thing that they will check is your payment of the bills of the last seven to eight months. If they observe that you have been regular on your payments, they will surely give you the credit card in a small period. This will help you in having a higher level of the credit limit on your new credit card.

Double Your Line – The Perks You Will Enjoy

The process is really simple, and you need to reply to the offer of the card provided by After doing that, the certificate number of the customer is needed to be entered. The best thing about this whole process is that it is quite efficient and won’t take much of your time. When you receive this new card of yours, you will be able to enjoy a lot of other facilities as well, such as the fraud liability as well as access to the account with the help of your mobile. You will also be given access to your account through the internet.

About Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank was founded in 1997. It is one of the largest Visa card issuers and authorized issuers of MasterCard cards. It also provides financing to the Marine and RV dealers in the United States. The Credit Card program is a specialty of Merrick Bank and there about 0.9 million cardholders of Merrick Bank. The products and services of Merrick Bank included classic Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards and secured Visa cards.

Double Your Line Offer (DYL)

Merrick Bank Awards Double Your Line Visa Credit Card to its customers who want to rebuild or establish their credit. This offer doubles the credit line of Credit Card holder. To apply for DYL card, you must receive an invite from Merrick Bank. You can only receive this invitation if you continue to pay on time. If you pay on time for first seven months of your credit card, then the bank will review your account for an increase in the credit line. If you are successful in making your payments and the bank has considered you for doubling your credit line, then, you will receive a notice on your billing statement with your new credit limit mentioned in the statement. The credit line will be increased from $550 to $1100. - Get a better credit limit through Merrick Bank Double Your Line

Application Procedure for DYL

If you have received a DYL Credit Card offer from Merrick Bank, you will have to visit DYL website at, to complete an online process for acceptance certificate. On the website, you will see a caption in blue highlight ‘Acceptance Certificate Verification.’ Fill in the Acceptance Certificate Number mentioned on your Acceptance Certificate and also the Last Name as written in the offer letter. After filling in the required information, click ‘Next>>’ written on the blue button. Afterward, your personal data like name, address, email, etc. will be asked and you have to fill in the form correctly to complete your Acceptance Certificate Verification. After verification of your provided information, you will receive a confirmation email about your verification.

Additional Benefits Of DYL

In addition to getting your credit line doubled, you can also enjoy various other advantages:

  • You will be provided your monthly FICO score free of cost with paperless billing statements. Enrollment for paperless statements can be done by logging into Cardholder Center and click on ‘Go Paperless’.
  • 0% fraud liability and fraud protection.
  • DYL cards have competitive rates while average percentage rates (APR) are according to the market.
  • You will have a free online and mobile account through which you can make payments and keep a record of your transactions easily.
  • Customer service of Merrick Bank can be accessed on their toll-free number 24/7

Charges Of Double Your Line Visa Credit Card

The annual fee for Double Your Line Visa Credit Card is $48 and $75. The fee is charged only once when setting up an account. An additional fee of $12 per new card is deducted from the credit line. Merrick Bank charges $35 as late payment fee if you are unable to pay the dues on time.


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