How to use the Discount Tire Rebate?

The rebate is essentially used where the sale advertisements at the retail stores like Discount Tire Company need to be done and in this case this is known as Discount Tire Rebate. Then the person buying the wheel or the tire can get their money back on a refund or exchange. The buyer however must finish the online process for rebates by entering the details form the invoice in order to track the rebate status.

You can submit the Discount Tire Rebate online to claim your refund so that you can keep an eye on the status of your rebate process on a real time basis without having to waste time and energy at the banks or for by filing for appeals. You can manage your online account by simply logging in using your registered email ID and password.

Requirements to use the Discount Tire Rebate

  • You require a valid and coherent Discount tire Rebate Form
  • You must have a device such as your computer, laptop or mobile phone connected to a safe internet access
  • You also need a valid invoice slip from the Discount Tire Store.

Step By Step Guide to use the Discount Tire Rebate

  1. Keep your Discount Tire Rebate Form and your valid invoice receipt in front of your
  2. Then access the official link given ahead to open the main page for the Discount Tire Company Submit
  3. On the main page give your offer code as stated on your rebate form, the Invoice ID, the date of transaction, your contact number and the button that reads “Next” which you must click
  4. If you wish to dig out any further information regarding the Discount Tire Company Submit Rebate then open the FAQ page at this link

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