Introduction to the New Jersey E-ZPass

If you are sick of paying your tolls again and again for some time now by waiting in your cars, in long queues, searching for cash or change in your pocket, it is quite clear that paying tolls is not an easy task hence there is a work around that you can follow to avoid this hassle. If you are a designated driver of the state of New Jersey, then you can use the New Jersey E-ZPass transponder which is an easy way to make the payments of your tolls.

This will definitely help you save time, money, fuel and energy that are wasted otherwise on toll booths. If you use a New Jersey E-ZPass, you simply whip your toll payment without having to wait and you can register for this online.

Requirements to use the New Jersey E-ZPass

  • You should get your computer ready with an internet access enabled
  • You must have a car weighing less than at least 7,000 pounds.
  • You car should comprise of single rear tires.
  • You should own a van, car or a motor bike.

Step By Step Guide to use the New Jersey E-ZPass

  1. Access the official website of New Jersey E-ZPass by visiting this link and then find and tap on the button which reads “Sign Up Now!”
  2. Now you will be asked to select your country, state where you are a resident of from the list of menu that drops down.
  3. Go through all the service terms carefully and if you have no issue with the policies then tap on the button for agree.
  4. Keep following all the prompts to finish the application procedure.

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