What is E-ZPass Maryland?

E‑ZPass is based on electronic toll collection (ETC) system which is an online system, which allows people to prepay their tolls on most roads, bridges, and tunnels and thus eliminate the need to stop at the toll plaza. E-ZPass Maryland is the ETC system used in Maryland, U.S. Three major components consist of the E-ZPass system, including a toll transponder, an overhead antenna, and video cameras.  The transponder is attached to the driver’s windshield, the tantenna is used to collect the toll, and video cameras are used to identify videotolls.

Pay Your Toll with a Credit Card

E-ZPass MD agency members have their own billing and customer service center, which allows users to pay the bill via a credit card.

By choosing to replenish your account automatically by credit card, you avoid the chance of having insufficient funds in your account.

The E-ZPass system tracks your usage and account balance monthly and the auto replenishment system will charge credit card accounts which are with only$10 minimum balance.

E-ZPass Maryland Account Guide

Login E-ZPass Maryland Account

For people who live in Maryland or frequently drive through the tolled roads, bridges or tunnels within the State of Maryland, it is really necessary to own an E-ZPass Maryland Account online.

By being a member of the E-ZPass Agency in Maryland and with an online account, one can pay the toll conveniently and quickly.

Visit www.ezpassmd.com to enter E-ZPass Maryland Homepage and sign up.

E-ZPass Maryland Payments

People can make payments to their accounts conveniently and automatically by credit card, by check, money order and/or cash.

To pay the bill by check or money order, you need send the toll payment to: Maryland Service Center, P.O. Box 17600, Baltimore, MD 21297-7600.

To pay the bill by cash, you must make the payments in person at the E-ZPass Service Center or at any Maryland Transportation Authority Stop-In Center. You can call 1-888-321-6824 for guidance if you have trouble with this payment method.

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