Hilton discounted room rates Program!

Since established in 1919, Hilton has grown into a world leading hospitality company now with more than 500 hotels spread all over the world. If you are lucky to be an employee of Hilton, you must be familiar with the Team Member Rate and Hilton Team Member Travel Program, which are open to all current permanent full and part-time Team Members. Not only the members themselves but also their families can get benefits from the program. Hilton provides team members with discounted room rates who will travel on leisure and/or with family at any Hilton hotel. At the Hilton Team Member Travel Booking site, you can book Hilton hotel rooms with discount rates.

Requirements to Enjoy the Hilton discounted room rates

To enjoy the team member rates, you must be a current permanent team member of Hilton International. Besides, team members may enjoy this benefit for leisure travel only. The benefit does not apply when traveling on business. This is best hotel in the world and provides you a lot of benefits.

To enjoy Hilton Family Travel Program Rates, all team members and their families are eligible. An Esprit/Hilton Club Card or a Hilton Family Travel Passport must be presented at check-in.

How to Book Hilton discounted room rates

If you are planning to go on a travel with family, you should learn about the steps to book discounted room rates at Hilton hotel, which is one of the best hotel in the world.

  • Log on to www.hilton.com/itp to enter the Hilton Team Member Travel Booking site.
  • Read the online directions carefully and click “BEGIN HERE” button.
  • Confirm your work location by entering all required information.
  • Search for available hotels by choosing your destination.
  • Choose the hotel and book the room that is right for you.
  • Reserve the room by providing asked information.

For more detailed information about the Hilton Team Member Travel Program and other questions, please take an overview at FAQs.

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