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Do you also get annoyed when the gift your get is something you do not want? If yes then you can say goodbye to this irritation by making your exclusive customized gift list at is that online place which allows all of its clients to create their gift wish list which then can be seen by their friends who will get to know what you are exactly expecting as a gift on your special occasion.

How to make a Gift List for any Special Occasion at

1.       Access this web address

2.       Give your email ID, set a password and select the sort of registry. Then tap on “Create Registry” to proceed.

3.       State all the asked personal credentials in the designated places to finish creating your profile. You can select a cash gift fund which will let you get cash apart from the gifts.

4.       Now you need to get your account activated by tapping on the link delivered in the email.

5.       Complete the installation of “Add to MyRegistry” button to keep on adding gifts from online stores by using the drag button.

6.       Putting gifts to the list is easy. If you see an item anywhere which you want simply tap on the button for “Add to MyRegistry” to add this to your bookmarks. A new window will appear asking you to sign in and add the details of the gift you are adding and then tap on “Add This Gift to Your Registry” to finish the process.

7.       You can view the list of your friends as well by going on the top of the homepage and find a search engine where you can state your first and last name of the friend to get the results.

8.       Click the relevant button to see the list in detail. This list will tell you the gifts your friends want and the one they have already purchased.

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