How to get the Tennis gift subscription?

The Tennis gift subscription is an offer for all the tennis lovers by and aims and getting all those people connected who share their obsession for tennis. Customers will be able to deliver the Tennis magazine in form of a gift to other crazy fans of the game and if you wish to get this Tennis gift subscription then you must apply online by entering the details of the recipient and the payment details.

Tennis gift

The usual subscription fee starts from $15 for 8 issues in U.S.A, $35 for 8 issues in Canada, and $50 for 8 issues internationally. Once you have submitted the online Tennis gift subscription all your fellows who love tennis will get your gift in form of the Tennis magazine so that they not only stay updated on Tennis but share their love as well.

About TENNIS Magazine

TENNIS Magazine is a sports based magazine originating from United States and was established in 1954 and has gone through a series of rapid advancements and now has reached the user cap of around 600,000. It is located in New York and offers all the latest news and updates from the Tennis world.

Requirements to get the Tennis gift subscription

  1. You must have access to a device such as a computer, laptop or mobile phone that should be in connection with a Internet access.
  2. You must know the exact details of the recipient’s such as their name, address, city/State, zip code, email, etc.) and the payment details.

Step By Step Guide to get the Tennis gift subscription

  1. The first task is to open the link given ahead for the which is
  2. Then tap on the link for “Give A Gift” beneath the category of “TENNIS MAGAZINE” given at the page’s bottom.
  3. Now give the details of the recipient as asked and then state the payment option into the assigned fields and finally tap on “SUBMIT ORDER”.
  4. For any other details you can contact the Customer Service at this link


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