What is My Verizon Residential Account?

With the help My Verizon Residential Account, thing can done very easy. If you are looking to apply for Verizon services like DirecTV satellite or FiOS fiber-optic Internet, you can easily manage and enjoy them and can avail different benefits in one place. Other than that you will get unlimited gift cards by referring your friends and family to Verizon.

My Verizon Residential Account Guide

If you are a customer of Verizon, you will easily manage and enjoy all the benefits with My Verizon Residential account. You can view or pay bills, check account balance, check your Verizon email, edit profile, rent or buy movies, view the TV lists, manage your DVR, watch TV shows.

You can get unlimited gift cards by referring your friends and family to Verizon .The only thing you need to do for getting the benefits and services is to follow steps below to open my Verizon Residential account.

  • Press www.verizon.com/myverizon and log in by your User ID and password.
  • If you are a new user, open the “Register for My Verizon” link to get started.
  • You are accessible to two ways to create your My Verizon Residential account. If you have a Verizon telephone number, fill in the number, your last bill amount, last payment amount or Verizon account number found on your account statement.
  • Provide your Verizon account number and zip code to proceed. In this step, you can also sign up or log in to your Verizon Business and Wireless accounts. Follow the instructions to complete the registration and start to manage and enjoy your services.

About Verizon Wireless

It launched the nation’s first large-area 4G LTE network in the United States in December 2010, giving customers mobile access to the Internet at speeds up to 10 times faster than before. Verizon Wireless was the first national wireless provider in the United States to build and operate a large-scale 4G LTE network—the most advanced wireless network technology available, with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.

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