How to Activate Vonage Device Account?

With the Vonage Company, you can enjoy unlimited calling worldwide at affordable rates. If you are looking too purchased, it is time for you to Activate Vonage Device Account. You will be able to sign   in yourself and can contact retail store where you made the purchase or can do it online. If you have already an account, you will be able to receive a lot of free minutes.

Activate Vonage Device Account Online Instructions

This guide will allow you to activate your new Activate Vonage Device Account. Make sure you have MAC/WAN address and follow the guidance below to finish it.

Click on the link to start activating your new Vonage device account. Select your language preference.

Check the “Current Customer Login” option as an existing customer of Vonage and click “Continue” to proceed. Enter your username or 10-digit phone number as well as password. Hit “Sign in” to get started. You can also add or move a service here.

Choose the first option and click the button marked “Continue”.

Put the 12 characters MAC/WAN address composed of letters and numbers (Example: 000F12AB3CDE), which can be found under the sticker on the bottom of your adapter. One thing to note is that the address is not the LAN MAC one. Hit “Submit MAC Address” to continue.

Select your calling plan and press “Next”.

You will be able to choose to get a new telephone number or transfer an existing one.

Review the order summary and agree to the Terms of Service. Press “Place Order” to end the process. If you choose to transfer your phone number, don’t forget to click “Authorize Phone Number Transfer”.

About Vonage

Vonage is a prominent telephone service company. Founded in 2001, Vonage has broadened its business to Canada, United Kingdom and so forth. Today, it boasts over 2.4 million subscriber lines and has rolled out numerous popular services such as Vonage World, Vonage Mobile, World Premium Unlimited and more.

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