How to use the Walmart Money Card?   

Are you someone who wants to reap off the benefits of your exclusive Walmart Money Card? Using this card you can purchase anything you wish from the Walmart Store and avail all the offered amazing discounts on the store. You can manage your money in a hassle free way using the Walmart Money Card and once you get it the activation process is all online and a few minutes away.

Walmart Money

What Is A Walmart Money Card?

A Walmart Money Card is essentially a type of a prepaid card that can be loaded with money again and again and you can then use it to buy anything you wish from Walmart. If you use your activated Walmart Money Card you can enjoy the exclusive benefits that Walmart store has to offer along with some amazing discount deals that otherwise are not available. Furthermore you don’t have any credit checks as well or any due fee and you do not even require a bank account to get a Walmart Money Card and you can get it reloaded anywhere at anytime.

Requirements to use the Walmart Money Card

All you need is a reliable internet connection on your device and your very own Walmart Money Card.

Step By Step Guide to use the Walmart Money Card

  1. Then the first step is to open the exclusive website for the Walmart Money Card activation at this web address
  2. You will be asked to type the 16 digit card number into the given space which will be printed on the front side of the money card.
  3. Then you need to give the security code based on 3 digits into the designated field which will also be printed at the back side of the same Walmart Money Card.
  4. Now give the code as stated on the CAPTACHA to qualify in the security test.
  5. Then tap on the button for “Next”.
  6. Give the confirmation for the details you entered and if it is correct submit it.

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