5 Tools for Faster Mobile App Development

When you plan to develop a mobile app, it is important to know what tool are you going to use? Carefully analyze the features and requirements of your application to make the best decision. Let us have a detailed understanding of faster mobile app development tools that are being popular nowadays.


Xamarin is one of the most popular tools for mobile app development as it is a Microsoft product. It keeps the application safe from any unusual security threats. Xamarin is best if your application requires offline mode and image recognition. This tool builds apps for both IOS and Android platforms. Xamarin supports communication with the API of the mobile devices as it is a mono framework. Its biggest advantage is it results in lesser bugs and is faster. It is said to be the king of app development as it has the following components:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft azure
  • UI controls

Framework 7

When framework 7 was first introduced, it was only used to create an iPhone application. But later, it started giving its services for android applications as well. The framework 7 works in HTML layout, which are attached to the CSS framework and other important JS files. Its IOS components are UI element visualization, touch interaction, and most asked for is animation. When developing an IOS application, it introduces custom style applications to help the users use it more easily. Lastly, it can enhance video ads with the help of video intelligence.


This app development tool is famous because it provides fewer lines of code. Appcelerator uses the most commonly used programming language, JavaScript, which supports new OS releases. No matter what type of application development you require native or cross-platform Appcelerator is the best choice for you. This mobile application tool supports IOS, Android, Windows, and, most importantly, HTML 5. What makes this tool different from other mobile application tools is its concept of “write once, run everything”. It can easily create animation and other effects that a mobile app requires.


Ionic mobile app development tool creates a hybrid application and uses the following technologies:

  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • SASS

The applications which are created using the ionic tool provide the most efficient and highly interactive applications. Its components are CSS and JavaScript. The ionic tool helps in the automation of workflows, from native binary builds to QA. With the help of an ionic package, you will be able to create Native App Binaries.


Sencha is ideal for native app development. If you are looking for something compatible with the latest versions of IOS, Android, and even blackberry than Sencha is the best choice for you. It can easily code in HTML5 for MVC based and JavaScript apps. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with the best of its services for app development by Si Global can be the best choice for you as it allows for all the above app development tools at the most amazing rates. 

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