5 Unique Vehicle Accessories You Should Have for Your Car

Ever had to go to automobile / vehicle accessories market and search through so many shops for something specific that you are looking for? Remember how long did it take to find just the right product? And I am not even beginning to remind you of how difficult it was to find a car parking, how far was it and how long did you have to walk from the car to vehicle accessories market and then again all the way back. We are sure you would have some car thing right now that you have been thinking to get for last two may be three months, just because you did not have time to go to or courage to go through such great hassle of going to market and buying something you actually need. Well, those days are over when you had to go all the way to vehicle accessories market to buy something as small as a handy car seat organizer, a car ice scrapper, or a water hose sprayer nozzle. Online shopping portals have come out of that mobile phones and phone accessory selling trans and you can get more stuff through online buying.

c has a complete category of product listings just for Vehicles & Parts. Now that is listening to customer needs and responds in the best possible way. How cool is sitting in your cozy couch and browsing through vehicle accessories online. You don’t drive (and walk) to the market anymore, you just open Italiana store website and browse through the cool vehicle accessories, select what you like and order it in a giffy…all of this would probably take lesser time than anyone would take just getting ready to go to market. So why think any further, go nuts with the options, discounts and convenience that Italiana store is offering you and get the best accessory with best possible price on our online shopping portal.

Do you want to know our pick of vehicle accessories (what we like) that are listed on Italiana store website, sure, why not. Let us have a look at some awesome products here:

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner: Ever had to clean the crumbs of biscuits that kids ate while you were on a long drive or a road trip? I bet if you have you would love to get a device that helps making that job easier. This compact car vacuum cleaner listed on Italiana store is a wonderful device to help you with that painful cleaning job. It is rechargeable device that works without having to plug it in power socket each time you have to use it, amazing, isn’t it? This cool electronic device is available and current on a 35% discount. It is discounted from the original price of Rs. 7551 down to listed price of Rs. 4908.

Magical Car Ice Scrapper: Hold it right there, do not even think about it, if you were thinking to use your freezer ice scrapper on your car’s wind shield (screen), it will leave marks and scratches on your car’s wind screen and you will regret your decision. Let us ship this awesome car ice scrapper tool that is made right for this job…scrapping ice from your car. It is just Rs. 158 at the moment, instead of original price of Rs. 263.

Multipurpose Hose Sprayer Nozzle: This is excellent tool that we do not even need to convince you to buy; you already know how handy it will be whenever you have to wash your car…and it is list on a discount at the moment, hurry up and order yours while it is still available on price of Rs. 158.

Car Garbage Mini Bin: Ever had to keep a plastic bag as garbage bin when you were on a long drive? You know you have to get this very handy garbage mini bin for your car. It is listed for an awesome price of just Rs. 476.

Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer: We all have so many small things lying around in our car that makes our cars look very messy. Get this handy tool and forget about all that mess. It is listed on a decent price of Rs. 1742.

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