6 Instagram Errors You Need to Avoid for Successful Brand Marketing

With its inception in 2010, the photo-sharing social media platform Instagram gave brands, big and small, an opportunity to build follower engagement, thus narrating their story through high-definition photos or videos using online video editor. Instagram today has a huge user base as well as advanced features such as live video, stories, advertising, and more. Besides the growth of Instagram, the users also engage with this visual platform more than other social sites. 

According to an article published on https://blog.hubspot.com, 50 percent of users use the IG app every day and spend approximately 21 minutes on the application? 

Though some brands succeeded in their social media strategy, a few failed to grow their followers or build engagement on Instagram. That is because of the mistakes brands commit that affect their social strategies on this dynamic platform. 

Therefore, if you are contemplating to boost your brand marketing strategy on Instagram or feel that, your efforts are not producing results; here are six Instagram mistakes to avoid for successful brand marketing: 

1. Posting poor quality photos

Instagram is a visually rich platform and so if you want to post a picture or video, it must be outstanding and generate interest. It is fine to take a close-up shot of a colorful flower that looks awesome on Instagram, but not that of beans. 

You need not have professional skills like a seasoned photographer or need to use a high-end camera, but try to shoot when there is natural light or using neutral backgrounds. A good smartphone camera will help you take beautiful pictures or shoot a cool video to pique audience interest. 

It is better to publish no content than posting hazy, blurred images. You also need to use various image editing tools for enhancing the look and feel of photos, if necessary. In other words, you cannot make the mistake of posting visuals that look sloppy. 

Read more about the current Instagram image trends and photo editing tutorials for clicking pictures like a pro. 

2. Not paying heed to analytics

It’s is a common mistake of marketers, ignoring data and analytics on Instagram. If you are serious about improving your brand’s presence and online visibility on Instagram, obsessively monitor the factors that count so that you can figure out IG growth and trends. 

You want to boost user engagement levels on IG without keeping track of data. It will simply not help. If you are unsure as to how to interpret data, take the help of a professional social media data analytics professional. 

3. Publishing too many or too fewer content

How many photos you will post on Instagram is a tricky matter and you need to tread with care. If you are publishing too little content, you run the risk of losing touch with your followers. Again, too many pictures on Instagram may make you look desperate, bothersome, and people may think you are spamming. 

Then, what is the precise number of posts you need on Instagram? Usually, you can post three contents daily but not 10 or 15 in one day. Then, much depends on your fans, their habits, and personal data. 

If you have a new business, you can post several times in a day, but if you are a makeup brand or an established business, posting a couple of times each week is the right thing to do. This way, you gain more Instagram followers buy their trust. 

You need to watch when your followers are most active on Instagram, focus on analytics, and sometimes, experiment with your post schedule to figure out their content tipping point. 

You also have the option of automating post scheduling with tools that are accessible these days. You never know when your followers like some midnight activity. 

4. Publishing dull content 

The greatest Instagram blunder is posting dreary content or something spammy. If you would like to improve audience engagement, post something stunning and interesting so that they have a reason to engage with your content. Do not publish photos or videos for the heck of it. Think of post ideas that will trigger interest, create fun, as well as, inform your audience. 

Your posts should add some value to your followers so that are like, comment, and share your content. It helps in building a rapport with your fan base. When you post high-definition photos and videos, it would give people to start following your brand. You will not go very far if you keep spinning bland, dull content on Instagram. Besides posting stunning photos, you can host some contests; ask a question related to your post, and things like that to pique audience interest. 

5. Visuals looking inconsistent 

These days, all businesses leverage social media for branding and promoting their products or services. Even when you publish one post a day, it is like adding one more page to the overall brand story. When you look at your IG page like an audience, does your post look meaningful?

When you have many people managing your social media pages and posting content regularly, build a style guide so that all understand your business value and mission. You can use a content calendar and ensure that your photos and videos look consistent. Make sure that your social media manager reviews all posts before they go live. 

6. Using loads of hashtags

Hashtags help users to find your posts on Instagram. Though IG allows you to post 30 hashtags, do not use all of them. You need to research the most popular and relevant ones that match your business. Using a paragraph of hashtags will make you look as if you are spamming. 

The experts in the industry recommend the use of 3-4 hashtags, the most ideal ones. Then, you can use up to 11 hashtags to figure out what is working and what is not. All you need to do is spend some time to understand which hashtags are best suited for your brand. You can also create exclusive hashtags for your brand. 


Avoid these Instagram blunders for successful brand marketing. Learn what posts to create, which hashtags to use, and filters to apply to your photos on this visual platform. 

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