6 Things to Do Before Storing Your Party Tent

It can be stressful to clean up after everyone has left a party. However, as the host, you may have no choice, especially if you did not hire a catering and tent service provider to handle the entire party process. One thing you need to take care of is the party tent.

You may already know how to deal with the plates and cutlery, but how do you handle a tent party? The good news is that you could do a few simple things before storing it for future use. Check out the suggestions below.

Ensure the Tent is Dry and Clean

This may seem like an obvious thing, but it will surprise you to know that many people hardly pay attention to this essential step. Consequently, they end up with a mold-infested tent the following season they want to bring it out. Clean and dry the party tent before storage as this will help save you time and the added work and expense of trying to clean off mold or caked on dirt the next you intend to use it. A clean party tent is inviting and easy to set up for your next seasonal event. Therefore, don’t ignore cleaning and proper drying once you are done with it.

Patch Rips, Tears, and Cuts

Party tents can become torn, ripped, or cut for various reasons. This can be accidentally or sometimes triggered by carelessness due to improper handling. Fixing such issues before storing the tent saves you time when you need to use it since you will be forced to patch things up before it can be party-ready. What’s more, doing such repairs before storage ensures that the tent does not worsen when in storage.

Focus on the Hardware

The party tent cannot stand on its own. The poles and other support need to be correctly taken care of before storing the tent. You need to wipe them down and ensure they are correctly stored to where they won’t become dented or bent.

Fold and Roll the Vinyl Correctly

Most tents are made of vinyl, but regardless of the tent material, the last thing you want is to have it crumpled and shrunk because you did not fold and roll it appropriately. It can be embarrassing to have a wrinkled tent at your next event because you neglected this simple step when it was last stored.

Make Use of a Tent Bag and Seal

Sometimes cleaning the tent is not enough. How you store it after washing and drying also makes a huge difference. Make sure your party tent is stored inside a tent bag or racking system. This prevents any dirt from getting inside the tent and renders all your efforts useless. Ensure the storage unit you use is adequately sealed and cannot be accessed by rodents, which may cause more damage.

Storage Temperature Matters.

Your tent storage temperature is crucial. Very high temperatures affect the vinyl material of your party tent. Storing in such conditions will cause the material to deteriorate fast and affect the longevity. You want to be able to use your tent as much as possible before considering any replacements or major repairs/upgrades. Consequently, always store a tent in a cool, dry place away from excessively high temperatures. 

A good party tent can serve you for years if you observe adequate storage techniques. Please don’t ignore any of the expert recommendations that come with the new tent when you purchase it.

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