A Guide to Be Safe on Dubai Road

Dubai is one of the popular countries for its multicultural and huge population. Although, road infrastructure is sensible and modern, driving styles and traffic conditions are unexpected and probability of accidents is high. To control this situation, UAE traffic authorities have put in place strict traffic laws and regulations, as well as hi-tech acquisition programs and a very high penalty for enforcing regulations. However, you can safely go anywhere in Dubai using the services of the bestsafedriver.

Here is road safety guide for you to travel or drive in Dubai.

Official driving age

The minimum age is 18 years. Before the age of 21, drivers must renew their licenses annually, after that it needs to be renewed after 10 years.

Valid UAE license

It is important to ensure that drivers always carry valid license as well as the appropriate insurance and registration documents with them. In the case of commercial vehicles, the driver must also have all necessary and revoked licenses.

Left-hand drive

UAE allows the left-hand drive. However, for the right-handed driver, skipping is allowed from the left.

Well defined speed limits

Speed ​​limits are strongly emphasized in Dubai. Generally, the speed limit is between 60km/h-80km/h in urban areas, 100km/h-120km/h on highways, and 40km/h in residential areas. It is important to note that the minimum speed limit is given more important in the streets of Dubai to ensure safety of pedestrians and children.

Use of lights

Use lights every night, and especially in foggy weather. If you are in a meeting place, always look for pedestrian crossings and wait for pedestrians first. If the School bus in front of you gives a stop sign, be sure to stop at least 5 meters behind it.

Use your car mirrors

Be extra cautious while reversing your car. Don’t forget to use back-perspective mirrors as well as back sensors. Never deliberately block traffic behind you. If you stop a vehicle from passing you on the left, you could be fined. Make sure to use indicators if you need to take turn or change your lane. Always refrains from honking in residential areas and silent zones near hospitals or schools. In Dubai, you cannot write or put any stickers on your car.

Emission standards

Always check carefully for vehicles before entering the road at an intersection or otherwise, before proceeding strictly follow traffic police instructions. Failure to do so will attract a fine. Do not restrict their movements by parking directly behind other vehicles otherwise be ready to pay the huge amount as a fine.

Drive-in designated lane

For drivers of transport buses or school buses, it is important that they drive only in the designated lane. School bus drivers are required to have a good stop sign for other vehicles at every bus stop so that school children can safely change or board the vehicle. Otherwise, you will have to pay huge fine. Also, check the weather conditions and adjust your driving speed accordingly.

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