The Alabama Unemployment Compensation!

There is almost nothing that you will not be able to find online regarding the Alabama Unemployment Compensation and the related issues starting from the claimant responsibilities and rights, the Seminar options, the history of this program, the procedure for filing this claim and about the Alabama Unemployment Compensation itself.

The Details on Alabama Unemployment Compensation

In the June of the year 2012 the unemployment rate in Alabama was 7.4% and Tom Surtees who was the Director of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations said that the initial unemployment rate was 7.4% which rose from the 7.2% in April 2012 hence it has become even more important to outline the benefits and compensation for the unemployed citizens of Alabama.

The Frequently Asked Questions for Alabama Unemployment Compensation and Benefits

  1. What is the process for filing the Alabama Unemployment Compensation claim?

You can start filing your Alabama Unemployment Compensation claim on the telephone by placing a call at the toll free number 1-866-234-5382. However you must remember that a cellular telephone may not work because the call will get dropped from the service before saving any information.

  • What are the requirements for filing the Alabama Unemployment Compensation claim?

You will of course need a social security number, your current address, your full name, history of employment from your last employers, valid driver’s license, the maiden name of your mother,  a copy of your DD214 if you are getting separated from the forces and the authorization ID of your work if you aren’t a legal citizen of the United States.

  • After how long of unemployment can I file for the benefits claim?

You must file your Alabama Unemployment Compensation claim instantly after unemployment.

  • How much can I receive each week?

The amount of weekly benefits will range from $45.00 to $265.00 maximum however for further details you can simply visit this website The website will also have other contact details in case you have detailed queries regarding your unemployment issue.

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