All You Need to Know About Mobile Web Design

When you open a website link on your smartphone, you find an eligible, tinny desktop version that is hard to read. Does it irritate you? Of course YES, because it irritates the hell out of me as well when I click on a website and find that it is not optimized for mobile users at all.

Then why is your website not mobile-friendly? Here in this article, you will get an inside scoop on how to make your website mobile-friendly and increase conversion on your website.

Web Design to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Making your website mobile-friendly will convert visitors into loyal customers. People all around the world use their cell phones more frequently than computers. They prefer mobile phones over laptops for searching a hotel to book a room, book a ride, visit an online shopping store, or just to play games or to watch movies. It is not only convenient to use but also time-saving.

Now when these people click on your website URL using their smartphones and find it in a desktop version they will leave in seconds. And on the other hand, if they get what they want on your website they will ultimately become your customers. 

How to Make My Website Mobile-Friendly?

There are two options; A Mobile web design and a Responsive Web Design. There is a difference between mobile web design and responsive web design. You have to choose one according to the services that you provide to your customers. You can also take help of the best web design services in New York you have hired for this purpose.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design is a secondary site different from your main website. These websites are created for smartphones with smaller displays and touch screens. The web pages on mobile web design open quickly and load very easily. Therefore, it has a great user experience and increases your search rank on Google.

A mobile site is a copy of a website, where the server delivers an optimized page that is easier to use. A fully customized web page for mobile users gives a pleasant experience. Thus, it is a good choice for those websites that have complex functionality.

The Only drawback of creating a mobile web design is that you have to create a different domain from your desktop domain. It affects the organic search as the links on the mobile browsers are not counted towards the primary site.

Further, a mobile web design requires maintenance on a regular basis. It requires a cost to create a second domain and all that work of a web developer.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design automatically adjusts according to the screen of the user. It means if a user is searching a website on a laptop, mobile phone, or any other gadget, the same page and same content will load in a responsive mode. Different content is not needed for creating a responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design works on a single URL that’s why you don’t need to invest much in creating a second site for mobile users. That’s the plus point of Responsive Web Design over mobile web design.

A responsive website is less expensive than a mobile web design. It is more flexible and adjusts according to the orientation and screen size of the devices.

Responsive web design does not affect your organic search. As the website URL is the same for both desktop and all types of mobile devices, therefore is no effect on the organic search of the website. The resolution and format of the content are ideal for both mobile users and other web browsers. Thus, it leads to high traffic on your website. 

Responsive web design helps to extend the life of your main website. Unlike mobile web design, it does not require maintenance very frequently. Rather it works on devices by adjusting its content automatically for years or months.

Which Design to Choose?

To find out which design to choose, you need to analyze your services and customers. For instance, you are running a weather website; the purpose of your customer is the same whether they are searching through mobile phones or a computer. The weather information is the same for every user. So, a responsive website will suit the needs of all users as the information is not dependent on devices.

On the other hand, if your website is about airline information, it is different for a web user and a mobile user. It is because if a customer wants to book a ticket he will use a computer and on a mobile, a customer can only get updates about flight timing. Therefore, for an airline website, a mobile web design is recommended.

To conclude, I must say enhance users’ experience to establish your website as an international brand. Choose a mobile-friendly website or a responsive one based on the services you offer to your customers. The right design will also help the performance of the SEO Company you have hired.

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