What is Benefitfocus Benefits Platform?

Benefitfocus Benefits Platform allows making all benefits at one place with great incentives and that is what Benefitfocus goods at.

The leading provider of cloud-based technology in America, Benefitfocus.com works as an online Benefits Enrollment Portal or Platform which enables employers, consumers, insurance carriers and government angencies to shop, enroll, manage and exchange benefits information.

Benefitfocus Benefits Platform Instructions

In order to get more details with Benefitfocus’s products, you can take HR in Touch for example.

HR in Touch is a cloud based portal which supports enrollment, employee communication, benefits education and HR management.

A wide range of benefits, from health and dental coverage to financial benefits, are all covered by HR in Touch. For administrators, HR in Touch enables them to manage the benefits information and tasks in the cloud.

It provides all your benefits at one place and it indicates, Benefitfocus benefits platform is dedicated to offering a convenient and comprehensive online portal for people to manage benefits information.

It strives to be the leader in healthcare industry to help all the clients grow business with healthcare and communication technology.

At this site, you will be able to check out all the products offered by Benefitfoucus, like HRInTouch, Benefit informatics and more.

You can also get to know more about its platform, such as the architecture, design, release, mobile and more.

About Benefitfocus

Afterwards, Benefitfocus developed some featured and forward-thinking technologies which allow their customers to shop, enroll, manage and exchange benefits information, making itself grow by leaps and bounds and consumers on the Benefitfocus Platform reach at over 20,000,000 on may, 2013.

Benefitfocus is an American leading provider of benefits technology. In 1994, it is originally founded by Marson Holland.

After building a strong foundation and gathered experience for several years, Holland and Shawn Jenkins unconventionally formed Benefitfocus.com, Inc, a web-based software solution to streamline benefits administrations for insurance carriers, agents, employers and individual consumers.

Benefitfocus Benefits Platform

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