Clash of Clans: Upload your village from your Android to your iPhone / iPad and vice versa

If you change your phone or tablet, do not panic: Although Android and iOS have different operating systems (Google Games Vs Game Center), you can still move your Clash of Clans account and data to your new phone/tablet. How is it done?

The game generates a code that you can see on your new mobile/tablet.

You must have both the old and the newdevice with you. Go to Settings, then associate a new device and indicate on each respective device which is the old one and which is the new one. Next, select the type of device – Android – in category “Other devices”. A code is then displayed on the device you have chosen as a former unit.

You then have two minutes to put the code in the new device. And there you have it, you have transferred your account to your new device! Due to the different OS, there is a drawback if you attempt to move the account from Android to iOS: you will not get a code for the villages that have a city hall, whose level is equal to or greater than 4. Same for the gems that you have bought. For these, you must start another game.

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