Dollar Tree Hours, Products and Feedback Survey

Dollar Tree Hours is the most asked question by the customers. What timings do the stores follow? The reason for asking such a question typically represents the love of the customers for them.

People love to shop and cheer up their mood by buying stuff they like for themselves. Apart from shopping for your own self, even if you do not like shopping you have to go buy stuff that is in your daily requirement including grocery and house wares that are needed to run a house. As much as people like to shop, the most concerned part of the shopping is to spend money wisely and people hesitate to go to shopping frequently because they know that the things cost way too expensive and way more than they earn monthly if they try to buy all the stuff they want. Inflation is badly affecting the people’s desire to get what they wish for these days and they have to think a lot to fulfill their extra desires whereas many just have to ignore their desires and buy the stuff that is extremely necessary for their life. In such cases, people look for the stores that sell the things in the cheapest rates so they can afford them. This is the point where Dollar Tree is the top choice for their customers because they offer all the stuff present at the store in 1$ or even less. This is the main reason that people never hesitate in visiting the Dollar Tree because even if they have just 5 dollars in their hand they can still shop for more than 10 items.


Dollar Tree was founded in 1991 K.R Perry and Macon Brock Doug at Norfolk, Virginia, the United States whereas headquarter of the Dollar Tree is situated in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States. A total number of branches that the Dollar Tree possesses are 13,600 in 48 states of the United States and Canada. Dollar Tree specializes in selling more than a 100 items present at their store, each in 1$ or less than that.


There are many products that you cannot even imagine in buying at the price of 1$ and yet they are being offered by Dollar Tree in 1$ or even less than that. Dollar Tree not only sells cheap products they are also offering their customers with best of the quality and that is why people always want to visit them. Some of their leading products include the following list:

  • Normally you buy a greeting card from any store it will easily cost you 3$ or more. But if you buy a greeting card from Dollar Tree then you would find the same card in 1$ or 0.50$ which is a big saving.
  • The decorations being offered by Dollar tree are way too cheap as compared to other stores. Plus you will find a massive variety of decors here.
  • If you want to buy books randomly than trust me, Dollar Tree stores are best to check in as they provide so cheap stuff.
  • Kids are always excited about the toys and as they are getting expensive each day so you cannot buy them regularly for your kids. But you are lucky if you have a Dollar Tree store in your town, if yes, you can please your kids regularly by buying them different toys more often.
  • You will also find a huge variety of stationery of good quality at Dollar Tree stores.
  • You will definitely be surprised to look at the collection of dinnerware, bakeware and flatware Dollar Tree possess at their stores. This is something that is worth buying in just 1$.


Because of such cheap rates offered by Dollar Tree on everything, the customers always wants to visit their store, sometimes not to find specific stuff but just pay a visit while passing by their stores. So the most asked questions online by the customers is about the Dollar Tree Hours of offering their valued customers, their services. The store provides their customers with quality services all seven days in a week. The store opens at 8 AM in the morning and closes at 10 PM at night 6 days in a week and it opens at 9 AM in the morning and closes at 9 PM at night on Sunday. The Dollar Tree Hours of providing services are planned in such a way that a maximum number of customers can be served by their services and maximum sales can be witnessed in a single day.


Dollar Tree always welcomes the views of their customers and asked them to give feedbacks about their visit and value their views about them and their experience at Dollar Tree stores.  An online survey was conducted among the customers as well to gather the point of views of the customers and to check their own reputation among other competitors. The survey can be accessed through

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  1. The music is loud and nerve-racking . I used to shop there all the time because I live within three blocks of the store . Now I can’t stand to stay in there long enough to find what I need . I have gone back a few times to see if things have changed . It hasn’t so I go elsewhere now .

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