Dos and Don’t’s of Wearing a Leather Jacket

Leather is one of the staple pieces one could add to their wardrobe. Leather jackets are one of the finest pieces of wearing a person can wear to add a statement in their style. There are various types of leather jackets that you can choose according to your need. The wearer must have complete information about the types of jackets before buying one. It is important to educate yourself about the dos and don’ts of having a leather jacket. As it is an expensive purchase, it’s better to gather complete information before buying this product.


Leather and more Canada provides you the best style jackets in the country. So we also want to let you know about the things you should avoid while styling a leather jacket or when storing them in your wardrobe. Some of the don’ts of leather jackets are:

  1.  Do not I repeat do not wash your leather jacket in a washing machine. It is better to opt for a professional cleaner to clean your jacket. However, some people chose it to do by themselves then don’t use bleaches or any strong cleaners. The washing machine let excessive water come in contact with the leather which results in damage to the material.
  2. Never use perfume or deodorant on a leather jacket otherwise you will expose it to certain kinds of damage of fading of the color from that particular area of application.
  3. Never store a leather jacket by folding it. Always hang it on a hanger properly to avoid any creases. As leather is a natural material so it is very much prone to the crease,
  4. Avoid exposing it to heat and sunlight as it will cause fading of the color.
  5. Do not wear a size that is bigger than you. It can ruin your whole look. Leather jackets are always worn as a fit size. Leather and more Canada offers you a complete variety and size guide so you can shop the right piece for yourself.
  6. Never wear your leather jacket in rain. Rainwater causes extreme damage to the leather will make the leather brittle and dry


  1. Always choose the color that suits your personality and style. Black and brown are the ones that can go with and style. Other than that it is better to have complete information about the fashion and stuff before buying any other color of the leather jacket.
  2. Always do complete market research before about its type, prices, and colors available before buying a leather jacket. As it is a not so pocket-friendly item so you should know what will suits you perfectly.
  3. Always check for pockets while buying leather as it serves as a great means of storage.
  4. Always clean the leather surface with a damp cloth or sponge and then dry it with a clean a soft cloth.

NOTE: Keep these dos and don’ts in your mind when going out to buy a leather jacket 

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