What is Grow Rewards Program?

To use baby products as diapers and are also available in different sizes and require in daily basis so grow rewards program will help you. Babies of different age groups need diapers, training pants and wipes of different sizes. Trusted information and parenting tips should be provided.

Grow Rewards Program

Grow Rewards Program Instructions

Grow Rewards Program gives exchanging points for rewards. Every time you buy the product you can earn points. The more points you have the more rewards you can get. Rewards have different values, from less than 1000 to 4000 and more.

Wipe have codes printed directly onto the packaging. The location of the label or code depends on the type of product or package. You can redeem it for points by entering the code through Pampers.com which is quite convenient.

Download: Get the app on the “Mobile Entry” part or search your phone’s app store for Pampers Rewards.

Log in: Open the app and then log in and start earning points.

Enter Codes: After you’ve logged in, enter your codes. And you’ll see points added to your account.

If you want to start entering codes with your Mobile Phone, the following steps would be helpful.

Begin by Signing In. Sign in to your Pampers Rewards account; or, if you don’t have an account, join now.

Update Your Profile. Select Edit Profile to add your mobile number to your account.

Confirmation text when each code has been received. During this process, you can text “HELP” for help and reply “STOP” to cancel. Grow rewards program will benefit a lot.

About Pampers

Grow Rewards Program

Pampers is a famous baby products brand belonging to Procter & Gamble. Its introduces,  Vic Mills, disturbed by constantly changing the cloth diapers for his newborn grandchild, believed producing a better disposable diaper was possible, and assembled a team to help make it a reality. Thanks to their hard work, the original Pampers design came out in 1961.

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