Explore Ways How Fashion Brands Could Be Benefitting From Instagram

Instagram has been successful in defining visual culture and particularly fashion with incredible exuberance and instinctive authority. It is an effective vehicle for fashion design, photography, retail, and media, a continuous flow of content both commercial and personal 24×7. Instagram has gone much beyond selfies and quotes. It has emerged as a monumental superpower of digital content. Instagram is the right platform for bringing your fashion brand’s story to life. We know that numerous Insta-fashion brands have become experts at capturing the best shot and visual storytelling. 

All contemporary businesses especially fashion brands require a robust social media presence for promoting themselves and engaging with their target audience and attracting potential customers. Boosting visibility on Instagram is certainly the best way of driving more sales and staying at the very forefront of the fashion industry. Instagram is most frequently used as a key social media marketing channel for fashion businesses and brands thanks to the opportunities of visual marketing that are presented to the numerous fashion brands and phenomenal success in boosting overall online brand awareness.

With numerous fashion businesses announcing new collaborations and collections, it is of pivotal importance to remain socially active especially with your precise target audience and customers for effectively winning a competitive edge and continuing to boost profit. Here are some of the chief reasons for fashion brands to leverage Instagram for growing their business.

Use Effectively the Digital Marketing Features of Instagram

Attractive visual content seems to be the best way of connecting with and keeping your audience engaged and it is a robust marketing stratagem that could be utilized by your fashion business. As per Vogue, for Millennials, Instagram is just like morning coffee to everyone- a truly non-negotiable and integral part of life. If you examine the leading fashion accounts on Instagram, you would find that a robust Instagram presence is surely a crucial element for boosting growth online. Moreover, for assisting fashion businesses and brands in reaching a much wider audience, Instagram features several competent techniques of boosting online sales and establishing brand awareness.

Social posts having pictures have been proved to obtain 94 percent more views as compared to posts with text exclusively. It is, therefore, imperative on your part to create top-quality pictures for your fashion brand and keep posting consistently to keep all your customers engaged. Instagram is truly a representation of your fashion brand’s creativity, uniqueness, and the best way of targeting potential customers while they are engaging actively with social media.

We know that there is tremendous competition between all fashion brands online and this has practically taken up all digital content generating space hence, creativity is certainly integral to staying relevant. Remember to build an effective and robust Instagram stratagem and leverage fascinating videos, pictures, collages, and stories for coming up with exciting and aesthetically appealing content that you could find on Instagram accounts of successful fashion brands like Topshop and ASOS. Consistent engagement could go a long way in keeping your fashion brand at the very forefront of your precise target audience’s mind. That should keep them going back again and again. Businesses could buy Instagram followers and likes for boosting overall brand awareness online.

Make the Best Use of Influencer Engagement

Fashion brands must use the expert services of Instagram fashion influencers because of their humungous loyal following. Today social media influencers are rising in popularity and are certainly the first choice of marketing strategists. Remember influencers could be used for reaching a broader target audience as per your stratagem and budget.

While identifying the best influencer for corroborating with, you must essentially ensure that their unique brand actually aligns with specifically your precise target audience to experience optimum impact on all their loyal followers that should eventually culminate in sales and profit. Having contacts within the fashion industry is integral to building your reputation online within your community.

Utilize Your Fashion Brand for Building a Robust Community

You could ensure repeat customers simply by attracting brand new customers. If somebody purchases from you and keeps following you on the visual platform, he would go on seeing your specific fashion brand now and then. In the event your customer base seems to be on social media, you would be allowed to interact actively and connect via similar likes. You could even end up being friends. Invest more effort and time into all your Instagram activities.


The fashion industry seems to have progressed phenomenally over the past few years. We know that no other social networking channel apart from Instagram has played such a prominent role in triggering this change.  Previously the fashion shows that were reserved exclusively for the elite and took place behind closed doors are today open to everyone thanks to Instagram Live. Instagram has been instrumental in providing a broader reach to fashion brands. Hence, numerous fashion brands are focusing their attention on grand finales and extravagant sets, customizing them specifically for their feed on Instagram.

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