Five Most Dangerous Jobs in 2020

The year 2020 has been historical as things took a 180-degree change in it. The way businesses used to work has also been changed, and the jobs that were safe a year ago have now become dangerous. The corona pandemic has posed a lot of demands and has also added cost due to additional safety measures. However, you can cut this cost by getting your managers trained at that is the leading health and safety training provider in Pakistan. Below are the jobs that have become dangerous in the year 2020 due to some obvious reasons. Have a look!

  • Logging Workers

The most unsafe job title in the year 2020 has been given to logging workers for having the highest fatality rate. Approximately 97.6 injuries occur in 100,000 workers, which is a very high figure. There is no surprise that workers get stuck in between fallen logs, and injuries caused by heavy-duty power tool machines are also inevitable. It poses a great threat to the workers and makes it the deadliest job among all. 

  • Fishery

Spending long hours at a beach corner seems relaxing and beautiful to non-fishers. Ask a person doing the job, and he will tell you how dangerous the weather conditions, drowning risks, collisions, and risk of shipwrecks are. The fatality rate of the fishery job is 77.4 in every 100,000 workers, making it the second most dangerous job to do in 2020. 

  • Pilots and Flight Engineers

Well, it is fun to travel in the air, but the person taking us in the air and the team involved in making it possible is in huge danger. You have no idea how much a pilot compromises on his health just to get you to your desired destination. His meal and sleep times are disturbed, and he is in great danger due to inevitable faults likely to occur in the plane parts. 

  • Roofers

The risk factor is high in this job as a roofer is always on top and walking around risky paths. The companies need to give extra safety measures to them to protect them with dangers like losing their balance and falling. The fatality rate of roofers is 51.5 in 100,000 workers, making it the fourth most risky job to do in 2020. 

  • Recycle Material Collector

It may seem a safe job, but you have no idea about the risks involved in it. A recycler plays on his health for collecting material, and they are at a high risk of getting involved in vehicle accidents. Around 41.5 in 100,000 workers become a victim that makes it the fifth most dangerous job.  Well, accidents are inevitable in a workplace; however, the intensity may vary depending upon the nature of work. But, the frequency can be lessened by training the upper-class managers. Ahlansafety is an online platform that provides health and safety training to managers of different organizations as per the international standards. It has courses for all types of jobs; therefore, get one and secure your workplace. 

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