Activate Your HBO GO Account To Watch Programs And Movies

Do you want to watch your favourite HBO programs and movies whenever and wherever you want? The good news is that you easily can if you reside in one of the fifty states of USA, simply by activating your HBO GO account at The best thing is that HBO GO is free as part of your HBO subscription and is available through participating television providers

HBO (Home Box Office) ranks as the second largest premium channel in the United States. This American cable and satellite television network provides up to thirteen multiplex channels and its subscribers reach worldwide.  However, there are few requirements that you must fulfil before activating HBO GO on your devices which are as follows:

  • You must reside within 50 states of USA to be eligible to use HBO GO
  • You must have an activated minimum 3G connection on your device

However to sign up for HBO GO service, you must activate your device.

How to activate HBO GO on your device

This guide will get you through the activation steps for HBO GO. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the HBO GO app from the marketplace of your advice i.e. iStore or Google Play Store
  • Launch the HBO GO app on your device once the downloading is complete
  • Click on the option, “Activate your device” to receive the activation code
  • Then the app will ask you to select your TV Provider from the options. If your TV network does not offer HBO GO on your device, you can contact your TV provider and ask for HBO GO on your device, or subscribe to HBO and become eligible for HBO GO as it becomes available from your television provider.
  • Then the app will ask you to sign in to your TV provider by the username and password you use or is set up while accessing your TV provider and you will automatically be signed up for HBO GO
  • Then enter your activation code and click “Activate”
  • You will then see a message exclaiming “Success” both your device and browser. That’s when you can start streaming your shows in high quality.

You might be given a prompt to reactivate your device, in that case simply follow the prompt. You can also deactivate your device by going to settings and clicking “deactivate device”

If your app doesn’t function, you can wait a few moments and try to access it again or delete it and download again to try to make it work.

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