Hiding Applications in Android System

Ever get annoyed at all those unwanted apps on your mobile phones? Which are just there, clogging up the place and serving you no purpose. They make it difficult to actually find the applications you do utilize. You cannot even uninstall these applications without rooting your device’s system. Therefore, the best way to get rid of these unwanted applications is to hide them, making them out of sight. This way your mobile will be a lot cleaner and will only display the Apps that you actually use on a daily basis. It will avoid you the headache of looking through your mobile device for important applications and stuff that you require. Clean up your mobile and save time by hiding these annoying, useless and unwanted applications.

Hiding Applications in Android System

Different mobile devices have their own system of hiding the apps. Android system is commonly used by multiple mobile companies. Knowing how to hide apps on Android system can help people with various mobile devices to hide apps. Follow the steps given below to hide all the apps that you want to be seen on your device.

  1. Most of the Samsung mobile devices offer this feature to hide apps as a default feature. If so, then you don’t require to install any other app to be able to avail this service.
  • Open settings
  • Open the folders with all the applications in it.
  • Click on the button titled ‘Application Manager’
  • Select the Apps that you want to hide.
  • Click disable, this will hide all the selected Apps.
  1. If your android device doesn’t have this inbuilt feature, then you need to download other applications and program to hide apps.One such program is, Nova Launcher
  • After installing Nova Launcher, navigate through it.
  • Find ‘App and widget drawers’
  • Then find the ‘Hide app.’ button at the bottom and tap on it.
  • And select the apps that you want to hide and they will be out of your sight in no time.
  1. Other than this, you can also use App lockers, if you want to hide the app’s content and not the app. There are many programs available which perform this function with easy to follow instructions.

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