Hobby Lobby Hours – What time does Hobby Lobby open and close?

What time does Hobby Lobby open and close? Hobby Lobby Hours – The store remains open from Monday to Saturday and remains closed on Sunday.

There are people who have no interest in science, medical, engineering, law, geography and history, etc. These people have an interest in art and craft where they like to speak with their passion, not going in people’s face and shouting out loud what they want them to hear, but bringing their inner self out through their magic in arts and craft which have absorbed a number of fields of talent including painting, sketching, shading, building creative stuff and many more. To create something in reality that is already existing in your imaginations, you need resources more than an ordinary stationary or gift store can provide you. People who are following their dreams and bringing their imaginations alive have critically shown their interests in Hobby Lobby stores when it comes to shopping of the resources they need because they have said that they find everything they need under a single roof of hobby lobby. Hobby Lobby provides more than just the raw materials for creating something you like to invent yourself, it provides a full variety of Décor, wearable creative stuff, a huge variety of beads and jewelry, party and baking items and much more.


Hobby Lobby was founded in 1972 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Now it has 600 stores around the United States and is running successfully and keeps on multiplying its branches because of all the love they are getting from all art freaks including wedding planners, interior designers, architectural engineers etc.


There is a huge range of products that are provided to the customers at Hobby Lobby stores. One may find everything related to arts and craft stuff. Some of the major products provided by them are listed as followings:

  • Hobby Lobby provides a variety of stuff to décor your house beautifully that may include things from antique vases to pretty picture frames.
  • A variation of various paper crafts and scrapbooks can easily be found at hobby lobby stores.
  • You will find all the good stuff you need for needle art to express your talent with all types of resources that you require. Also,the great quality yarn is also found at Hobby Lobby stores.
  • You will find really beautiful handmade crafts that are way too attractive and you just cannot ignore them.
  • A variety of different stuff regarding baking can be found here. The people who enjoy baking should really check the baking corners at the Hobby Lobby stores.
  • You will also find a separate corner for Floral and wedding stuff. The things that are available at the store in wedding and floral category can be proven out extremely useful for wedding planners.
  • You may also find a very cute variety of wearable art that is absolutely stunning and eye catching.


Hobby Lobby stores are well known by its customers because it attracts the typical type of customers who are usually creative artists, interior designers, painters, etc. Not everyone visits their stores more often rather than the categories which have been discussed earlier. Their customers always come to them because of the quality products that are being provided by their side as well as such a great environment they possess with background songs and most of all providing such cheap rates of everything they possess. The opening time for the store is 9 AM and it closes at 8 PM. The store remains open 6 days in a week and remains close on Sunday. The love of the customers for Hobby Lobby is infinite because it is the only store that is facilitating people, who love arts and crafts, only.

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