How To Apply Orchard Bank Credit Card?

If you want to apply for an Orchard Bank Credit Card, this following information will definitely help you. Orchard Bank Credit Card is a part of the HSBC credit card.

Apply Orchard Bank Card

If you will apply for the credit card, first, you will get the acceptance code and invitation number. If you want to start the process of online application, you need to enter the first 10 digits of the code online.

You will get the code through e-mail. Orchard Bank Credit Card is no longer offered. The reason is due to the recent deal between Orchard Bank and Capital One. If you want to know the deal, you can search for it online and the credit card will be ordered through the website as well.

Step by step guideline to order the Orchard Bank Credit Card

Apply Orchard Bank Card

To apply for Orchard credit card, you have to make an online account at the official website of Orchard.

Here are some simple and easy steps that you should follow to make an online account and order Orchard credit card:

  • Go and visit the official website of Orchard.
  • There will an option of “Register Now”. Click on that option.
  • An invitation code will be sent to you by e-mail. You have to add the first 10 digits of it to start the process to order the credit card.
  • You have to give the information about your personal information, employment history, and the current employee ID.
  • Set a security question for security reasons.
  • You will be updated with all the new things and discounts, your recent transactions and account history on the same online account.

If you find any difficulty or you need any assistance, please contact the customer service that is available on the website. They will give a variety of credit cards to choose from.

You can make a choice of credit card. They are also having an offer of customized credit cards. The customized credit card usually take more days to be delivered.

Apply Orchard Bank Card

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