How To Ask Your Boss for Advance

How Can I Ask Your Boss for Advance

If you are looking for getting a loan, you will first ask your boss for the advance salary. If you will good at working and your work will be a great effort in the company, then, it will never be a “NO” from the boss.

Ask Your Boss for Advance

There are a few steps and methods that will help you in getting the advance salary from your boss as early as possible. It will be still better than getting a loan from the lender.

Step by step guidelines to ask your boss for Advance

Here are some steps that will help you ask your boss for the advance:

  • You have to see for a good time when your boss is in a relaxed and good mood. The happier and satisfied your boss will be, there will be more chances of getting the advance from him in less time.

  • You have to wait for the time when your company sales are at a good point. That will be the time when the company will be making huge profits and you can ask your boss for the advance. He wouldn’t have reason to deny your demand at that time. Never ask for the loan when the sales are down and the business is running slow.

  • You have to ask for your boss for the advance when he is working alone in his office. You can request him a personal meeting. He/she will not be happy if you will ask for the advance in front of the other co-workers because they can also ask for the advance if you will be given it.

  • You can offer him a good repayment plan. If you think you cannot pay back before the next payday, you can make a schedule and start working on the schedule from the next date you have for the payment.

  • You can work for extra hours. It will show you dedication toward the work and how focused you are to pay back the advance you have taken from the company. If your boss will think you are serious with your work, he will give you more advance salary in company years as well.

Ask Your Boss for Advance

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