How To Buy Car Below Dealer Invoice

Basic information related to Buying a Car Below Dealer Invoice

Most car buyers want to convince themselves and the people around them that they have got the best car deals. Targeting the dealer invoice in negotiations is what every other person wants and this is one common tactic. They have a goal to get as close to it as possible.

Buy Car Below Dealer Invoice

However, the invoice doesn’t truly represent the actual cost of the vehicle they are wanting to buy for the dealer. In some cases, the dealer can still make money and you can pay less than the invoice price. But, these are exceptional cases.

Find out the right price

The price on the invoice is expected to be paid by you. It is not the same as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP. The prices of both are commonly available online and it is in pricing guides.

You can simply go to the website to check the prices. It is compulsory for the dealer to provide you the invoice but you have to ask for it. The reason why the dealer don’t share the invoice is that you will start to negotiate at that time.

Buy Car Below Dealer Invoice

The price for a new vehicle is somewhere between the invoice price and MSRP. Salesmen use the invoice as a floor by saying that anything less than that means they won’t make any money, but often that’s not the case. They are actually in the profit.

You have to do some homework

A suggestion to you is to have an idea about the whole deal before you agree on the deal. You are not actually wanted to know the price of the vehicle but you are more into making the price of the vehicle less. A dealer has an incentive that is provided by the manufacturer.

There are websites like Edmunds track such incentives by vehicle and location. It’s tough to tell the exact amount of the deal. But we all know that the dealer will have a maximum amount of profit in the deal and the buyer will try his level best to negotiate. Just do the homework before you go to buy the car.

Buy Car Below Dealer Invoice

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