How to get the Store Card?

The Store Card is a service by the itself for all their users who like to use the online shopping option provided by Amazon. This store card offers all the card owners a number of perks and benefits however first you must register for this card online at the official web based platform of by entering your valid personal credentials. Store

The entire application procedure for the Store Card would hardly take a couple of minutes and once you have submitted the application you will get the most exciting shopping experience with Amazon that you can ever have. Apart from this you will also be given the exclusive credits. Furthermore you can enjoy the exclusive financing offers without paying any annual fee or additional payment for the card.

About is a highly renowned e commerce company online that was established back in 1994 and has been rapidly growing ever since and now in fact is the biggest retail online store online and was traded in the stock market of NASDAQ beneath the AMZN symbol.

Requirements to get the Store Card

  1. The first requirement to get the Store Card is that you must get your device in connection to a safe internet access in your vicinity.
  2. You must have your valid personal credentials ready in front of you.

Step By Step Guide to get the Store Card

  1. Now the first step in the Store Card registration is to open this link
  2. Then on the page that opens up tap on “Apply now” button present beneath the page.
  3. Now state your email ID in its designated field and if you are using this for the first time tap on “I am a new customer” and come up with a safe password. If you already have an account then give your password and tap on “Sign in using our secure server”.
  4. Finish the rest of the process by following the shown prompts.
  5. Visit the page for Help at to get any additional details if needed.


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