Tip and Tricks: How to Hack WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the mainstream chatting platform nowadays. People use this app for chatting, video calling, and also share images and videos through it. WhatsApp is available on Android, iPhone, Nakia, and in other mobile phone systems.It has fascinating features through which WhatsApp has captivated the interest of the whole world. We always want to be up to date with what is happening in other people’s lives and want to know all their secrets and gossip. So, for people who love gossip and secrets, WhatsApp hacking is the best way to find out about people’s lives because they share everything on WhatsApp with one or the other person. There are multiple ways to hack into someone else’s WhatsApp account with the help of various websites, but there is an old-school method which doesn’t require signing in or using any website, you just need to be quick and play smart.

How to Hack WhatsApp

There are multiple ways to hack other’s WhatsApp:

  1. MAC Tricking or Spoofing
  • Firstly, you would need to uninstall your WhatsApp from your mobile device.
  • Get the mobile device of the victim (the desired person’s).This step even though is trickybutis highly essential for hacking.
  • Find the Media Access Control (MAC) address of the target’s Mobile device. Every phone’s – like iPhone or Android mobile, MAC address is located Therefore, you need to do a little research beforehand and find what type of phone does your target person has and where is the MAC address located, for that phone. This task is fairly simple, you just need to go on google and search it up. For example, the pathway of iPhone’s MAC address is,

Settings – General – About – Wi-Fi MAC Address

  • Then find the MAC address of your mobile device
  • Change your MAC address to target’s MAC address, in other words, spoofs your MAC address to look like victim’s.
  • For spoofing and altering your MAZ address, you require some additional help from an App. There are various spoofing Apps available, you can install any which suit your mobile device, for this purpose. For example, WiFiSpooffor iPhone and BusyBox for Android devices.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp account on your device and enter the target’s information like phone number, to configure.
  • Configuring the WhatsApp for target’s phone number would send a confirmation code to the victim’s phone. You need to acquire that code for the final step of the hacking.
  • And to avoid getting caught, delete the confirmation code from the victim’s phone.
  • Change your MAC address again as soon as possible after the deed is done – the successful hacking.
  1. Other techniques include Spy Software
  • Install/purchase a good Spy program, according to your mobile device
  • Configure the program on your device and use to hack any WhatsApp account.
  1. Using different websites which are created for hacking WhatsApp accounts, sign in on those websites and follow their instructions to hack the target’ WhatsApp account. Some websites don’t even require signing in. An example of this method is: http://wapphacker.com/

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