How To Order My T-mobile Value Visa Prepaid Card?

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Basic information related to T-mobile Value Visa Prepaid Card:

It is a partner with Citibank. T-Mobile is working in delivering T-mobile Value Visa Prepaid Card to customers.

It is to help the customers make easy online payments easily and they can redeem their rewards. Usually, the range the rebate card is between $50 to $100.

If you ever experienced to purchased handsets from T-Mobile, you would know that they will send you prepaid debit cards. From origin, it was in Bellevue, Washington.

T-mobile Value Visa Prepaid Card

T-Mobile is offering the wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG. T-Mobile.  They have an amazing team of customer service to help their customers. So, what are you waiting for?

Steps and guidelines to register your T-mobile Value Visa Prepaid Card:

If you have already got the T-mobile Value Visa Prepaid Card, then you just have to register it first for using it further.

  1. Just go and visit the official website 
  2. You have to make a login first. If you already have one, just log in to your account first. They will ask for your username and password and then you have activated the card online. with the help of your online account, you can do online account management.
  3. They will ask you to choose a preferred language between English, Spanish and French which will be present on the top right of the page.
  4. Click on the option “Register your card now”.
  5. they will ask you to enter the 16 digit number that is present on the front of your card. then, you have to write the security code that is present on the back of your card at the end on the signature panel.
  6. Once your card is activated, you have the facility to view your balance and check transaction history online.
  7. If you have got any reward, you can activate it with the help of your online account.

If you find any difficulty or you need any assistance, please contact the customer service and FAQ on the website.

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