How to use the Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage?

Generics Rx Advantage is a fresh program introduced by the Medco Pharmacy for the welfare of their clients. This program will assist the customers in benefiting from the lowered costs of the drugs for yourself and your family members for full one year by choosing the cheaper drug option which will be same as the regular drug on an elevated price.

Medco Pharmacy Generics

When you register for this program you will be given with a reward where you will have to pay not even a single penny for your any prescribed drug for the first 90 days. Furthermore you will also be given a $25 discount on the drugs that have their generics coming on the shelves in the near future. In addition to this Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage Program will recognize those prescriptions that can be replaced by their respective generics instead of the expensive brands but you will be shown a comparison.

About Medco Pharmacy

Medco Pharmacy is a chain that provides products related to health care and prescription based drugs to all the citizens of the United States and have come up with special assistance programs to assist people in affording the drugs that they need to stay fit and healthy and shelf effective generics and alternatives for the medicines that are otherwise too expensive to buy by the general public especially those who do not have any access to the health benefits.

Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage

Requirements to use the Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage

  1. Get your computer or any other device ready by connecting it to an internet access in your vicinity.
  2. You must have access to a health plan along with your prescription ID card.

Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage

Step By Step Guide to use the Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage

  1. First you need to click on the blue link ahead to open the Medco Generics Rx Advantage Signup website:
  2. Then tap on the link that reads “Sign up.”
  3. Give your personal credentials and enter your prescription ID card number as it appears.
  4. Select a Username and Password then choose a security question and click on “Register Now.”
  5. Now you can sign in to your Medco Generics Rx Advantage Account and the services will be activated automatically.

Medco Pharmacy Generics Rx Advantage

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