How to install YouTube ad Blocker?

Advertisements which pop up on the websites, while surfing the net is, let’s be real is the most annoying thing ever happens to spoil one’s mood. YouTube ad Blocker provides safe haven from these troublesome advertisements and pop ups, while you are surfing on It is available for different browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Android software. It also helps block unwanted video ads from YouTube. You can download YouTube ad blocker for Firefox by visiting the website at,

What is an Adblocker?

It is a program which is an extension to one’s browser and makes it filter out content. It is useless on its own unless it is given certain commands via filter-lists. These commands inform the adblocker, what content to block. These filter-lists are mainly the rule book for the adblocker.

Procedure to install YouTube ad Blocker

Since YouTube ad blocker is available for multiple browser and for each you have various ways to install it.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Visit the chrome installation page
  2. Click the button titled ‘install’
  3. After you click on the install button there will be a pop up window, click on the ‘Add’ button on the pop up window.
  4. And you will be all set, and can use YouTube without any advertisement

For Firefox:

  1. Visit the Firefox installation page here,
  2. Click the install button and confirm by clicking ‘Allow’ and ‘Install Now’
  3. After this Ad blocker,will automatically start blocking the ads.

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